Astrologer’s forecast for a special operation in Donbass: what awaits Russia and Ukraine

It is extremely unfortunate that such a situation has developed between previously friendly countries – Russia and Ukraine. I would like to consider what is happening with the help of various metaphysical tools, without delving into deep political details. Observing neutrality and with the desire to preserve peace as soon as possible. The forecast from the astrologer and metaphysician Elena Egorova was calculated without a subjective and personal assessment of the situation, absolutely apart and detached, regardless of the country of residence.

Emotions and security

The most important thing in the current circumstances is the preservation of the lives and health of people who are held hostage in this situation. Recommendations: keep calm, do not panic, do not get involved in the emotional field of fear, hatred and anger. The best solution would be to accumulate all the forces to save your life and ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Also direct your attention to mutual help and support for each other.

In the near future, we may become witnesses of fake news on social networks, the purpose of which is to misinform the population, with the deliberate incitement of passions, fear and provocations. Do not rely on general sources of information. Again, it is better to focus on salvation and safety, as well as on helping those who need it. Any thoughtless and frivolous attempts to commit risky actions aimed at maintaining freedom and independence will lead to irreparable losses and destruction.

The emotional background promises to be as unstable as possible, this will be facilitated by the energy influences of the year and month, as well as an unstable, dangerous and unpredictable situation. Unreliable news and artificially created situations will add fuel to the fire.

The role of a woman

In astrological aspects, when considering this situation, a very active participation of a certain third party is visible. A woman can play a big role in this conflict. Or perhaps a country in which a powerful woman participates in power. In the very near future, peace talks between the presidents of the two powers are not expected, now the degree of tension is too high. From February to March 5, 2022, the energies of categoricalness and uncompromisingness, stubbornness and aggression rule the roost.

The Double Tiger in February showed its qualities of speed, activity and aggression in full. Patience is not the most developed quality of the Tiger. Hot temper and instant reaction to changing events are the characteristics of the Tiger. The struggle for justice and uncompromisingness is the strength of the Tiger. And in February, two whole Tigers, years and months, exert an energetic influence on us. The energy data will be valid until March 5.

The Tiger is also represented by the element of the Tree – the characteristics of which are directly related to increased emotionality, quick reactions and angry manifestations, an increased level of irritation and impatience. The recommendation for all of us is to keep a cool mind and act constructively, not to succumb to emotional waves and destructive behavior.

New life, new rules and changes

New coalitions, new alliances and communities will begin to form. And on completely different levels. The double element of Water, which came as the energy of February 2022, affects the emotional background of people. The element of Water is responsible for fear, confusion, anxiety, the manifestations of which we see everywhere today.

The main question is: how to help people in this situation? Communication, support and attention can go a long way. Uniting in teams and groups, supporting each other, communication will certainly help.

The task of each of us is to redirect the energy of fear, anxiety and emotions in a constructive direction. Direct energy to the organization of the safety of your life and the lives of loved ones. Mutual aid action will be the cure for many. The Water element is depleted due to the Wood element. And the Tree is responsible for kindness and help, for unity, communities and groups, for children and new rules.

When it’s over

According to the astrological aspects of the future, there is a high probability of the end of hostilities either in the next week, or only by August-September 2022. A certain duality of the situation is very strongly manifested, it can be expressed in double standards, double decisions, constant choice. And there is also the possibility of dividing Ukraine into two parts and changing the government of the country in the next seven months.

What awaits Russia

The next sanctions will affect the financial sector of the country and can cause significant damage. The economic crisis may knock on the windows. In this regard, there is a possibility of the emergence of new financial systems and new ways of financial interactions. New alliances will be formed and new partnerships will emerge. There may be changes in the operation of communications and the Internet, in restrictions on travel to a number of countries.

If we consider Feng Shui 2022, then the five, the most negative star of the crisis, losses and disasters, is located in the central sector, which entails risks for the central regions of cities and countries.