“Bingo!”: Pavel Globa named the signs of the Zodiac, which are waiting for a big win this year

In 2022, fortune will smile at several signs of the zodiac at once, according to the famous astrologer Pavel Globa. The astrologer advises representatives of these signs to try their luck in lotteries, as there is a great chance to get a very big win.


Representatives of this sign should definitely buy a lottery ticket as soon as possible. The stars are on the side of Aries, so there is a chance to become the owner of a good prize.

a lion

The astrologer advises Leo when filling out lottery tickets to indicate significant dates for them. For example, the birthday of a loved one, etc. And then in 2022 Leo will certainly hit the jackpot.


Sagittarians should also buy a couple of tickets. There is a high probability that they will win in the first half of this year.


For Pisces, a lot can change if they are given a lottery ticket. With a donated ticket, they will have a great chance of winning, which cannot be said about a ticket bought on their own.