Garmin Forerunner 955 watch: rumors and release date, design and specifications

There are more and more fans of various “smart” gadgets around the world. Watches in this category also continue to get better. One of the leaders in the development of smart watches is Garmin. This company has already managed to create many excellent models, but users believe that it is capable of more. One of the central topics of recent times is the long-awaited Garmin Forerunner 955 watch and rumors regarding its characteristics, as well as the release date.

The Forerunner 955 will be available for purchase from us when it becomes available.


The developers of the company are facing a rather difficult task. The fact is that the 945 has already implemented a lot of really high-quality ideas, so the Garmin Forerunner 955 watch should be a revolution. What the manufacturer can offer customers:

  • such a developed manufacturer with a large staff of experienced employees and habitually bold plans cannot be left without interesting ideas. First of all, we should talk about maximum versatility. The company doesn’t plan to make a watch just for running at all: it will be a watch for swimming, biking, running, skiing, hiking and more;
  • in the new model, the emphasis should be placed not so much on the variety of sports as on the ability to carefully analyze the state of the body. According to rumors, the company’s specialists even plan to expand the training materials for beginners. No need to ignore some function, if its features are incomprehensible – you can learn everything. The main idea is that each user will be able to gain knowledge about his body at the level of his doctor – this is a step forward in understanding the features of the body;
  • on the other hand, the watch is still sports, so they should help to achieve completely new records in a variety of exercises. Understanding the state of the body, the ability to see the numerical expression of this state;
  • drawing up a training plan, analyzing the implementation of the plan and tips from the watch, which will be based on the current state of the body – the ability to conduct any training even more efficiently;
  • If we analyze the expectations of fans of smart watches, then the main conclusion is the same: a large list is not needed if the company’s specialists add ECG sensors, which will allow this same electrocardiogram to be carried out. This is a long-awaited feature that has been dreamed of for a long time.


Obviously, maintaining specialization should be a fundamental focus of the company. The point is that the Garmin Forerunner 955 watch is not a universal model that should suit everyone and always. Users have repeatedly noted that the failure to specialize leads to the destruction of very interesting ideas. If users do not need a sports watch, you can purchase a classic model. It is Forerunner that is purchased by those who want to see completely new sports performance. There is no doubt that Garmin can easily support specialization and can add new features for sports fans.

An important part of this very specialization is not the sensors themselves, but the further development of unique sports applications. These applications have no analogues and specialists develop them specifically for Garmin. These are smart technologies that independently draw up a training plan based on past performance during classes. They help track past workouts and add them to the current capabilities of the practitioner. Moreover, right during a workout, the watch, with the help of special applications, can prompt you to either increase the pace or slow it down in order to achieve the most impressive training results. Keeping the old sensors, developing unique patented applications for sports is an opportunity to keep the specialization of the watch.


The question of what requirements the Garmin Forerunner 955 watch should meet in terms of appearance is quite complicated. If we combine small scraps of information from company representatives with the expectations of future watch buyers, we get two options for expectations:

future users are ready to accept a new watch design if it differs significantly from past models. Of course, it is always difficult for a company to settle on one particular look and anticipate customer expectations;
if the company is still hesitant to introduce a single revolutionary look, then users note the desire to choose from different colors and styles, which would help to find something interesting.

Professional designers, who are also on the list of those who are also waiting for the release of this watch, clearly note the fact that it is a very difficult task to predict the style of a gadget for two whole years in advance. Somewhere here the knowledge and skills of experienced designers help, but somewhere you just have to guess.


It remains only to figure out what the expected release date of the watch may be the most logical. It’s worth starting with the fact that the Garmin Forerunner 955 watch is unlikely to somehow go beyond the company’s classic policy. What does this mean in practice? The fact is that Garmin has a standard update cycle for sports watches – it lasts about two years. On the other hand, there are several leaks that clearly indicate that the long-awaited 955 will see the light of day this year:

  • it’s not just that the development seems to be in the final stages of testing, but rather that the company really needs a bright release. Competition in this segment is quite intense and there is no time for delaying the release of new products;
  • only if Garmin management makes a fundamental decision to maintain a two-year update cycle for its gadgets, will it have to wait until April 2021 for release. In the event that this really happens in this way, there is a good component in this – then the company will be obliged to introduce even more technological innovations into the model. On the other hand, quite a lot of factors point to the release in the very near future, for example, this fall.

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