FIFA World Cup 2022: when is the draw, match schedule, when will the final game be

This year, the 22nd FIFA World Cup in history will be held in Qatar in a short period of time – approximately 28 days. This decision was made due to the weather conditions in the country. Due to extreme heat, this will be the first World Cup in history not to take place during the summer months. On this occasion, in October 2013, a special team was created, whose task was to find alternative dates for the tournament. The goal was, due to the hot weather that rages heavily from May to September, to move the date so that the date does not clash with the date of this year’s Winter Olympics, which is scheduled for February, and the date of the Muslim fast, which takes place in April. After all these twists and turns, it was decided that the final game will take place on December 18, 2022.

Qatar hosts it for the first time in the history of the World Cup. this is the first championship to be held in the Middle East, in the Arab world, in a country with a monarchical form of government, in a country dominated by Muslims. Also, this is the last World Cup, which will include 32 teams, then the number of participating countries will decrease. The mistress of world football leadership will be a team that has never participated in this competition before, the last time such a picture was observed in 1934, at the World Cup in Italy. Then the country won the World Cup.

In 2015, some leading FIFA officials were arrested by the Swiss authorities. Those arrested were accused of corruption. The reason for the arrest was the consideration of applications for hosting two world championships – 2018 and 2022. When hot Qatar was chosen to host the tournament, against the will of the FIFA technical committee, a theory of bribery was introduced. Holding the tournament in this country was in doubt.

In 2017, Qatar was accused by some neighboring countries of supporting terrorist groups, after which, after calling Qatar a “haven for terrorists”, they wrote a letter to FIFA demanding that the 2022 FIFA World Cup be canceled in Qatar and moved to another country. Again the location of the tournament was disputed.

As in the previous time, Qatar came out of the water dry, all charges were eventually dropped, the reason to move the World Cup to another country disappeared.

When will the draw take place?

The draw for the final tournament of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be held on April 1, 2022 in Doha, the capital of Qatar. After this event, 30 teams out of 32 participants in the tournament will become known to us. This is because the remaining two teams will be determined after the Intercontinental Playoffs, which should take place in early June 2022. The remaining two teams will be drawn from Asia, Oceania, the CONCACAF zone and South America.

At the moment, 13 teams that will take part in the World Cup are already known. They were the national team of Qatar, the national team of Brazil, the teams of Denmark, Germany, England, the national team of France, the national team of Belgium, the teams of Croatia, Serbia, Spain, the national team of Switzerland, the teams of the Netherlands and Argentina.

One of the teams from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela will go to the intercontinental playoffs from South America.

In Asia, there is a qualifying round among 12 countries: Iran, Korea, UAE, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, Oman, China, Vietnam.

From the CONCACAF zone, a team selected from the countries of Canada, the USA, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, El Salvador, Honduras will enter the playoffs.

In Oceania, neither the selection format nor the participating countries are known.

When all 32 teams are known, they will be divided into eight groups of four teams each. After that, out of every four teams, two best teams will be selected through matches. These teams will advance to the 1/8 finals. Then the tournament will be held according to the usual scheme with elimination.

When will the 2022 FIFA World Cup start?

The match that will open the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held on November 21, 2022. The first game will start at 13:00 local time (it coincides with Moscow), the Qatar team itself will play in it. During the group stage, it is planned to play four games a day.

1/8 finals will be held from 3 to 6 December. The quarter-finals will take place on 9 and 10 December. The semi-finals are scheduled for 13 and 14 December. The final game of the tournament will take place on December 18 at 18:00.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup matches will be played in eight stadiums. Only one of them was reconstructed, and the remaining seven were specially built for this event, the construction lasted 4 years. The same seven stadiums are designed to accommodate a huge number of people, as a result of which they are equipped with powerful air cooling systems. The first match of the World Cup will be held at the Al-Beit Stadium, the final – at the Lusail Aikonik Stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 fans.

What about tickets for the 2022 World Cup?

The service of the International Football Federation in January 2022 announced the start of the first stage of ticket sales. It will last until February 8th. During this period, fans have the opportunity to order tickets on the only official FIFA website –, by submitting an application for the purchase of tickets. The second stage of ticket sales will take place until the draw, that is, until April 1, 2022.

Information on the Internet says that a ticket for the 2022 FIFA World Cup final for local fans will cost 700 rials, which in terms of dollars will be about $ 200. Foreign fans will have to pay more – from 2000 to 5500 rials, which in terms of dollars from 550 dollars to 1.4 thousand dollars.

Residents of 85 countries can enter Qatar without a visa, including Russia. At the moment, Qatar has conditionally recognized the Sputnik V vaccine of the Russian Federation, but this information may change or be supplemented before the start of the tournament.

According to preliminary information, it is believed that the largest amount of funds in the history of this tournament will be spent on the 2022 football championship, an amount equal to $ 200 billion will be invested in it.