Fenix 7

Finding a really good watch takes patience, but really rewards those looking for a really good watch. Pay attention to the fact that once again Gamin is ahead of the rest of the planet, which offers customers a new smart watch Fenix ​​7 – an excellent model that has literally become a compilation of long and careful development.

Smart watch from Garmin Fenix ​​7

Garmin 2022 released the announcement on January 18 of the new Fenix ​​7 models: see the models

Garmin fēnix 7/7S /7X and products can be found on the website https://fenix-7.ru, where you can also order with home delivery, delivered in Moscow and all of Russia.

You can buy from us when they become available.

This manufacturer is well aware that it has already reached a very high level of product quality and it is quite difficult to surprise customers. However, attempts are being made to offer even more new and interesting features. Today, watches are truly smart – it used to be difficult to even imagine that there would be so many functions and applications inside one watch that would allow you to monitor your health and optimize your workouts. So how exactly did this sports watch stand out from the crowd and what did it take to create one of the best models in the market?

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We can say with absolute certainty that the Garmin Fenix ​​7 smart watch is a completely new generation product, because earlier devices did not combine so many advantages:

You don’t need to worry about investments. Yes, these watches do not belong to the category of cheap ones, but they are the most durable and durable. A watch made of titanium, protected from moisture, is a reliable assistant for many years to come. The watch is carefully tested and there can be no problems during operation;

– alarm clock, stopwatch and notification system do not seem like such revolutionary features, but when all these functions are collected in one watch, you can get great results. For example, the same alarm clock will help you set up your life correctly, do not miss workouts, use the available time correctly. Tracking time during training and the ability to not miss a variety of dates and events are two more sets of very important features for every user;

– The most important part of smart watch data is the many tools and applications. It’s not just about the heart rate monitor, measuring speed, tracking heart rate and other indicators – it’s about how it works in practice.

Special features

A top-notch, professional-grade multisport watch must stand up to all scrutiny and all criticism. So the Garmin Fenix ​​7 watch turned out to be a really high-quality product that responds to any user requests:

– the manufacturer has never focused only on delighting customers with smart stuffing and a lot of small bonuses – everything was done so that you could buy strong and durable watches. This model simply amazingly saves energy, so that the battery lasts for many weeks. The watch is wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and extremely durable – this is a purchase for many years to come and the investment will definitely justify itself;

– regardless of whether a person who does not set record sporting goals will use the watch, or a professional athlete will do it – the watch is perfect for everyone. With such really smart and high-quality applications, with training programs prepared in advance, you can absolutely not worry about whether you can train well and what you can achieve in the end. The programs will literally take you from one workout to another and the results will pleasantly surprise you;

– special attention should be paid to smart map analysis. Regardless of where you are, the Climb Pro system analyzes the map in such a way as to divide it into sections of descents and ascents in order to properly adjust to your body’s performance and fitness level;

Be sure to keep track of your training history and various metrics, and then contribute to your workout plan. Analysis of speed, calories, heart rate, elevation difference, distance covered, type of sports load and many other data will allow you to understand exactly whether you need to train more actively or, on the contrary, you took too high a pace.

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