Garmin Fenix 8

The compact Garmin Fenix ​​8 watch is what you need for functional training and travel. The Fenix ​​8 only has a 1.2-inch monitor and will suit those with small wrists who don’t want to use powerful devices. With all this, today’s modification has all the advantages. Distinctive features of the line: it has a heart rate monitor and a heart rate monitor (Pulse Ox2) for informative activities, speakers for cycling and running exercises, air navigation with several systems, Power Manager function for more efficient use of the battery. In a word, a gadget of small size gives an unlimited range of settings for the sake of convenient use.

When will the Garmin Fenix ​​8 be released?

Release date, release: 2022-2023.

First class build.

The Fenix ​​8 is built with innovation, and the ever-used 1.2-inch screen is rewarded with a durable stainless steel or DLC-coated ring. When testing the gadget, the army samples of the United States were adapted.

A limitless range of features for athletes.

In this modification, there is an in-depth register of sports indicators. You have the opportunity to learn information about running dynamics, check VO2 max (corrected for hot weather and alpine climates), learn recovery measures and more.

Regulate the power supply.

By adjusting the power management, you will find out exactly how multiple options affect the life of the device, and you can adjust them to increase the period of operation.

Useful features and applications.

Athletes will enjoy the many downloaded activity profiles. For example, many types for cross-country, swimming, running, cycling, walking, a variety of ski options and so on. And for researching information about past workouts and planning freshly baked summit conquests, use the ClimbPro function.

Navigation settings.

The Fenix ​​8 holds three stellar navigations, starting with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. This function solves problems in navigating in complex environments to better identify in space, better than just one navigation system. Ideal for use are also ABC sensors, designed to study altitude and weather, and connect a compass.

You will stay safe.

For those involved in an accident, there is a great chance of getting help, because the smart watch will send the accident unconscious and send your location to the initially confirmed contacts.

Garmin Pay Contactless Payments

Paying after a purchase is easy today, but you don’t have to carry your card with you. It is quite easy to use a smart watch.

Receive majestic letters through your phone

Inspection of email, sms and warnings is likely on the smart watch display. It is enough to determine the coordination with a particular phone.

Heart rate monitor.

Wrist-based heart rate development has been improved. It is now widely available to recognize the intensity of training and changes in heart rate in order to calculate the level of stress in points. The heart rate monitor does not require a converter.

Describes the characteristics of the body.

The Pulse Ox transducer is adapted to analyze the body’s acclimatization to high altitude climates and to observe after sleep. Yes, it describes the level of oxygen studied by the body. The Body Battery energy ship, in turn, allows you to optimize personal energy reserves, relying on information about the pulse rate, stress, sleep and some information about the body. In general, you will understand whether it makes sense even tomorrow to pile on yourself or it is better to work out a break. Women will benefit from the chance to take care of their monthly cycle and note in the log the corresponding symptoms.

Replenish add-ons to your smart watch.

The Connect IQ store is full of watch faces, data, software and widgets for the Fenix ​​8.

Battery operation

The unit has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts up to nine days in the system of “smart” times and up to six times in the GPS system with listening to melodic compositions. It is worth independently designating the schedule of the “Expedition” economy mode: the unit will operate in it for about 34 days.