How Russians can buy “difficult” tickets in Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines, due to the blocking of Visa and Mastercard cards, has suspended the sale of tickets from Turkey to third countries for Russians since March 10. The national carrier of Turkey informed ticket agents about its forced decision in the mailing list.

Under the new rules, the airline allows Russians to issue tickets on any route, but all of them must necessarily begin or end in Russia. A passenger needs to get a single ticket for all segments, for example, Moscow – Istanbul – Male. Russians can no longer buy a separate ticket for a Turkish Airlines plane from Turkey to another country outside of Russia (for example, Istanbul – New York or Istanbul – Male). The duration of these restrictions is not specified.

ATOR suggests, citing experts, that the situation is not hopeless – you can still buy a ticket for Turkish Airlines on any route from consolidating agents who have the appropriate direct solutions for issuing tickets abroad. Such companies work with both travel agencies and private individuals.