How the imposition of sanctions will affect the availability of vaccines and insulin in Russia

What is happening in the market for these drugs, experts said.

Prices for medicines have increased in pharmacies, some drugs have become unaffordable due to serious changes in the pharmaceutical market due to European sanctions. Whether there may be difficulties with the availability of imported and Russian vaccines, Doctor Peter learned from experts.

Sanctions and vaccines

“I would like to believe that the sanctions will not affect healthcare, but I can’t promise you this,” says Antonina Oblasova, a well-known biologist. — We see that many companies leave the Russian market on their own initiative. Domestic production will also experience difficulties, since it is largely tied to imported “expenditure”. Biotech is no exception.

According to the expert, representatives of pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines still assure that they have no plans to leave the market.

“There are a lot of vaccines against chickenpox (Varilrix), hepatitis A (Havrix), HPV (Cervarix) and Infanrix Hexa produced by GSK in the manufacturer’s warehouses (annual supply), plus distributors have something,” she said. biologist.

They officially confirm that they will continue to work in Russia, and in the company Sanofi, which produces the vaccines Menactra, Adasel and Pentaxim (the vaccine is imported, but it is poured into pre-filled syringes at a Russian plant).

— Pharmaceutical company Sanofi stated that it continues to work in Russia and is doing everything possible to ensure the uninterrupted supply of its drugs, the company said in a statement, which is at the disposal of Doctor Peter. — The Sanofi Vostok production complex in the Oryol region, which produces the entire line of modern insulins, also continues to operate as planned.

Exit from the market

— The most pessimistic attitude is the closure of representative offices. But it seems to me that in this case, the already imported drugs will remain in the country,” says Antonina Oblasova. – Distributors sometimes, for reasons unknown to me, can misinform you and me, saying that some vaccines are leaving the market. Last year, such a duck at the end of the year went about MMR-2.

So far, there are no announcements about leaving the market.

“All the throwing about the fact that someone is definitely leaving is either a poorly formulated assumption or deliberate misinformation”

Antonina Oblasova, biologist

– There are problems with the import of vaccines (transport). It’s true. The exchange rate has risen, which means that the prices of many medicines and vaccines will increase. Although many vaccines are included in the Vital and Essential Drugs list, which means that the selling price for them should not change, the price of vaccination in the clinic does not consist only of the cost of the vaccine. But availability should remain for a long time.

Vaccine shortage

The head physician of one of the medical centers near Moscow told Doctor Peter that they cannot yet purchase imported vaccines from suppliers due to problems with logistics, but this should not be a problem.

– Now the demand for vaccination with imported vaccines is already increasing. But imported vaccines are not a panacea, modern Russian vaccines are also of high quality and well tolerated,” says pediatrician Anna Zhuravleva. – Now there are analogues of Russian-made complex vaccines, when we make several vaccinations at once with one injection (for example, against measles, mumps and rubella – Vaktrivir).

We cannot buy new imported vaccines yet, suppliers do not sell. If they go missing, I don’t think we can do it. We will make analogues of Russian production.

Foreign vaccines will not be?

Experts agree that it is unlikely that foreign drug manufacturers, including vaccines, will leave the Russian market. But even if this happens, Russian companies will be able to provide the Russians with the necessary drugs. So says the famous immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov.

“The substances for many vaccines are produced in Russia, not to mention excipients,” said the immunologist. “At the same time, key vaccine manufacturers are state-owned companies that have support. Therefore, if there is no collapse of the economy, mass bankruptcies of banks and state-owned companies, and they continue to work in the current mode, the current capacities (today) of all Russian vaccine manufacturers make it possible to ensure the availability of drugs on the Russian market and prevent shortages.

— I believe that any infringement should not be allowed against the pharmaceutical business and the business that manufactures and develops medical devices, as well as medical distributors and retail. This chain should be supported by the state as much as possible,” Nikolay Kryuchkov notes.