How to play PlayStation in Russia now after blocking the PS Store?

PS5 Digital Edition owners can only sympathize.

On the evening of March 9, there was not the most pleasant event for domestic gamers. Sony has officially announced that it is suspending the supply and sale of all hardware and software in Russia and Belarus due to the situation in Ukraine. The PS Store also fell under the restrictions – it simply stopped opening for users from Russia.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners were left in limbo. Someone’s internal wallet “froze” the amount that he did not have time to spend on games, and, for example, PS Plus owners can no longer add free “Games of the Month” to their account. We have collected up-to-date information about what opportunities Sony console owners have for the game now.

What is not allowed now?

You won’t be able to open the PS Store either on the console, or on the web version, or on the mobile app. When you try to log in, a message appears on the console about the suspension of the store.

Any purchases in the PS Store, even if there are funds in the internal wallet, no longer go through – an error message appears.
Any attempt to add a game from the free PS Plus selection for subscribers results in an error message and the game itself is not added to the account.

Any attempt to add a game from the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners is accompanied by an error message, the game is not added to the account.

PS5 owners will not be able to upgrade from PS4 to PS5. A VPN will not help you access the Russian PS Store – it has been disabled for everyone who specified the country “Russia” when registering an account. There is also no way to change the region of the account.

What is possible now?

You can download and play all the games in your library, both purchased and available through PS Plus. Play online with PS Plus.

Run games from physical media – according to the latest information, they calmly “pick up” the latest patches. Games on discs are still sold both from retailers and on the secondary market. At the same time, new items with a high degree of probability will not yet hit the shelves.

According to conflicting information, someone activates the PS Plus code and the codes of games purchased in the “figure”.
Create an account on the console, specifying any other country except Russia, and get access to the PS Store. However, in this case, the price tags will be higher than in the Russian PS Store, in addition, a bank card of a foreign country will be required for payment.

What’s next?

Sony has not yet given any information about how long the disconnect from the PS Store will be – while the phrase “suspended” sounds in the company’s wording. It does not make any sense to make any predictions about the possible resumption of the store, given the current circumstances.