How to replace Instagram: options for photos, videos, stories and reels?

Since March 12, Instagram has been blocked in Russia by decision of Roskomnadzor. We analyzed the situation around Instagram in detail in a separate article.

Instagram is a place where there are options for different activities:

  • Like a photo album with photos and comments to them.
  • Like a video album with videos and comments.
  • In the format of short stories – stories.
  • In tiktok format – rils, which, unlike stories, do not disappear after a day.
  • For live broadcasts.
  • For advertising.

If Instagram does not load, and the VPN is not installed, you need an analogue. But it depends on which function is right for you.

Photo & Video or Tape View

VK or Odnoklassniki – the placement of photos and videos is provided there initially. As well as subscribing to publics of interest.

In 2021, the YaRus social network appeared – the same functions. And more active development from 2022.

In Yandex.Zen, you can post videos up to three hours long. Yandex shows ads in them and monetizes content in this way.


VK has had this feature for a long time. With it, you can take photos or shoot videos up to 15 seconds. Stories will be visible during the day.

Snapchat entered the top five social networks in Russia in 2019. It was Snapchat who came up with the story format, which Instagram and the rest have already picked up. Although just all of them were more successful with their stories than Snapchat.


VK clips – they appeared in the summer of 2020. There is practically Russian-language content. The increase was recorded after the blocking of tiktok.

YouTube shorts – work based on your existing browsing history. A feature is the addition of a music track from any videos already uploaded to YouTube.

Likee – there is a feature: bloggers raffle virtual gifts among the audience, which are bought for virtual currency. Popular with teenagers.

Yappy is considered the Russian analogue of Tiktok from Gazprom Media, it shoots short vertical videos. Announced in 2021.


Public VK – it allows you to publish not only small posts with photos / videos and text, but also full-fledged materials that can be easily and beautifully designed, and they will appear in the feed as a widget.

A blog in Yandex.Zen is the same story where you can decorate the text and easily post it. Suitable for both short posts and large materials.

The telegram channel is one of the most popular platforms now, where you can also format the text using a photo or video, but once. It is more suitable for a detailed opinion without any special bindings to multimedia files.

Pikabu is one of the most popular places on the Russian Internet. Anyone can post text with pictures, gifs and videos, and the rating is calculated by the number of positive ratings.

LiveJournal has been in existence since 1999 and still works. Bloggers post posts in it that you can comment on.


VK has streams on a personal page or in a group. You need to write the name of the live broadcast, conduct it, then it is published at the end. Odnoklassniki has the same function.

Youtube – through it you can also organize a live broadcast. Only it is not yet clear whether it will be blocked in Russia too. In addition, YouTube has some restrictions regarding, for example, the number of subscribers. There is also an option through Vimeo, but it is hardly suitable – the service is paid, and international payments are now problematic.