In simple terms about ancient knowledge: what is a natal chart?

In Russia, the popularity of astrology continues to gain momentum. Skepticism has ceased to be the main barrier of the astrologer. Now not only the powerful of this world, but also ordinary people turn to “star mathematicians”. At the same time, there are ramifications – Eurasian and Indian astrological traditions have their supporters. But they are united by fundamental ancient knowledge. Where does such a thing as a natal chart come in. Astrologer Aliya Kamieva writes about this.

It is with its analysis that the study of the human universe begins. This is not a fortune-telling card or an analogue of a magic ball, this is a slender graphic system, with the degrees of the planets at the time of your birth. By learning to read a natal chart or finding your own astrologer who will analyze it correctly, you can start life on a different, qualitative level.

So what kind of card is this, natal? Many modern astrologers compare it with a screenshot of the starry sky at the time of a person’s birth. When the native (man) took his first breath, there was a certain situation in heaven, and now he is its lifelong owner. That is, those degrees in which the planets were located, those aspects that were between the planets – all this is now with a person forever. All this affects your life (temperament, twists of fate, that’s all). The main question is how to live them. After all, millionaires and conditional homeless people have the same aspects.

Natal chart

Another example. The girl in the natal chart has the Moon in opposition to Venus. How does this manifest itself in life? In society, she has one behavior, but at home – the opposite, as if she is on the other side – in opposition. The natal chart gives answers to the past, present and future. Such an example: a person experiences in life moving from one apartment to another, spontaneous, forced repairs and, in general, domestic, household chores at home appear suddenly, forcing them to approach problem solving in an extraordinary way. It’s simple – this is transit Uranus passing through your fourth house in the natal chart.

By the way, about houses – in the natal chart these are not dwelling structures with a roof. I wonder what it is? Wait for the March note from the practicing astrologer Aliya Kamieva.