Instagram blocked in Russia. How to bypass blocking?

From March 14, 2022, Instagram will become unavailable in the Russian Federation and many will not be able to access Instagram. How to bypass blocking?

1. Download antidetect browser

It is through it that we will go to the web version of Instagram. I used the AdsPower Browser because you can create 2 free profiles. This will be enough. But if you need to use a more advanced version of AdsPower, use promo code LUCKIES and get a 10% discount on your first license. Once installed, move on to the second step.

2. Buying proxies (cheapest)

I tried to take proxies from free sources, but unfortunately Instagram simply does not open and gives an error and the chance that your account will be blocked increases. It was decided to take the cheapest proxies for the USA. I bought a proxy on the Proxy6 service. With the promo code mZT7uZ02E6 you can get an additional 5% discount.

We need to choose an IPv4 proxy for exactly 99 rubles, the country is the USA or another (except for the Russian Federation). IPv6 won’t work, I already tried. We buy a proxy for a month and proceed to setting up the browser.

3. Browser settings

We go to the AdsPower browser and click create a profile. We select the Facebook site and fill in the data, select the fingerprint and enter the proxy value.

4. Authorization

We launch a profile in AdsPower and go to Instagram from an American proxy. We change the language to Russian, so as not to get confused in the interface. Everyone can use Instagram.