Instagram blocking in Russia on March 14

Roskomnadzor gave Instagram users two days to transfer photos and videos before blocking the social network. Accounts will not be deleted, but access to them will be limited.

Active Instagram users will need time to transfer their photos and videos to other social networks, as well as to notify contacts and subscribers, Roskomnadzor said.

Therefore, the regulator decided to complete the introduction of restrictions on access to Instagram at 00:00 Moscow time on March 14. So users will have “an additional 48 hours of the transition period.”

Roskomnadzor announced that it would restrict access to Instagram in Russia due to “calls for violence against Russians” on March 11, 2022. This request was made by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The agency did not like reports that the parent company of the social network Meta allowed the use of “hate speech” in some countries against the Russian military and the presidents of Russia and Belarus. The Prosecutor General’s Office also demanded that Meta be recognized as an extremist organization.