Life in the Age of Aquarius: what astrologers say about 2022

In this unstable time, many are trying to find answers in astrology. To predict and predict the course of further events so that at least some stability appears. Because for many, the unknown is frightening, pushing them to rash acts. From an astrological point of view, every 2,160 years a new Era begins on Earth. Astrologers cannot name the exact transition from one Era to another. But now we are already in a new Era – in the Age of Aquarius. A symbol of air, freedom and creativity. This is a very strong Era, which will turn over not only the outer, but also the inner world of every person.

Awareness of the new world

We are special, each of us was born at a time when global changes await us. We received this gift – to be born with the opportunity to look, to open the curtain on a new Era.

How long is the new era?

It will last about 2000 years and end around 4020. With the transition to the Age of Capricorn.

What is the Age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius is characterized by a person pouring living and dead water into a spring from two vessels. There is a purification of the soul through pain and suffering for the sake of finding harmony. Water is a breath of hope. Hope that after suffering, peace will surely come. In the Age of Aquarius, intuition comes to the fore. People will use logic less. A unified science, artificial intelligence, will be created in the world. Spirituality will become higher, people will openly help each other.

What will change?

Astrologers call this Era “golden”. Life in the Age of Aquarius will be multifaceted, especially progress will affect medicine. There will be significant breakthroughs in microbiology and the study of cellular structure. And this means that there is hope that the world will cope with the covid epidemic.

What was the Age before Aquarius?

Until recently, we were in the Age of Pisces. The Age of Pisces is the disunity of peoples and states. The era passed under the auspices of Neptune. The most important word in this period was: “I believe.” The era is associated with the development of religions, especially Christianity, the development of water poetry, the prosperity of trade.

Responsibility for your actions

The Age of Pisces assumed that a person could shift responsibility for his fate to the “Higher Forces” or to anything, the main thing is not to be responsible for his words and deeds. People in the Age of Pisces believed that there was something stronger than them that could change lives, that up there they knew everything for us.

The Age of Aquarius will bring people liberation, the binding from higher forces will go away. Everyone will have to answer personally for their actions, for their lives, for their actions and thoughts, which also lead to actions. If something happens in our life in the new Era, then these are the consequences only of our actions, and not “tests from above” or “evil fate of fate.” The Age of Aquarius will make it clear to everyone that only we stand above our life and only we can change it.

Patronage of the country

Now Saturn and Uranus influence the country in such a way that it is difficult to predict the exact development of events. Conflict with other countries is inevitable due to the opposite energies of the planets. Uranus is chaos, whirlwind. Saturn – truth, order. There will be confusion, confrontation, unwillingness to negotiate, instability. But Russia is under strong patronage. Saturn is in Aquarius. And Aquarius is the ruler of Russia. The only truth is that Russia has no task – to harm. But no one can harm us either. We will reach a new level and grow in many areas, move forward, learn to live with what we have to face.

retrograde period

Astrologers say that in 2022 retrograde awaits us four times. And that means there will be more chaos than usual. Failures are waiting for us everywhere. We will find problems with technology, with communication, with the Internet in particular. Fraud will reach a new level. There will be more rubbish in the information sphere, it will be difficult to find out the truth. But there is a plus in the retrograde. First: it will be possible to finish what has not been possible for a long time. To bring something very important to the end, to finish what was put off. Second: to restore communication with people from the past, with those who were dear, but for some reason the roads parted.

Opening period

From February 12 to March 12 is an important period. The confluence of energetic Mars and sensitive Venus is considered extremely auspicious, as this is the time when our romantic aspirations are reinforced by decisive action. You can ask yourself the most important questions: “Am I with the right person? Is what I do mine?” We will find answers to burning questions. Already thoroughly and without hesitation. And then, when the answers are found, life will go with the flow, it will be possible to relax.

Peace in the world

Since the Age of Aquarius began relatively recently – two years ago, this is a short period for the Era for something to begin to change. Now we are only learning to live in it, learning to feel, learning to trust ourselves, purifying ourselves through the remaining suffering. All big changes are waiting for us further. Age of Waters