New Instagram from Yandex – Yandex.Business

Yandex quickly responded to the trend and came up with a tool to download your Instagram feed to their Yandex.Business service:

Will not only feed posts be transferred, but stories and reels as well? Will shopping tags be migrated? Will the achievements in the form of the number of subscribers, likes, as well as comments be carried over?

We hope that while you are reading this, and your Instagram is migrating to Yandex.Business (the process takes several hours after the application), Yandex programmers are not sleeping and are already finishing the code on hanging issues, and the resulting service will really help micro-businesses gain the opportunity to meet with their potential clients in Runet, without having their own websites.

I would like to wish business as quickly as possible and with minimal losses to go through this stage of change and remember the important thing: putting eggs in different baskets, do not forget about the main one – your own website (blog, store, business card) on your own domain, on a separate hosting , without dependence on services, subscriptions, constructors, etc. Those who took care of this ahead of time, of course, benefit today.