Pre-Order PlayStation 6

In the fall of 2013, Sony launched the global sale of the eighth generation of the PlayStation 4 game console. The popularity of the console exceeded all expectations of the developers. The very next year, the company announced that it could not fully meet demand, and had to increase additional production. Inspired by the success, the manufacturer introduced two hardware modifications at once in 2016 – Slim and Pro. The PS4 model turned out to be so successful that there is still a shortage of consoles on sale. Just go to the store and buy a console is unlikely to succeed. It is necessary to make a reservation, wait for some time until the electronic device is delivered.

In 2020, a new PlayStation 5 model was released. The set-top box features enhanced network connectivity, cloud storage, higher performance and speed. True, it was not possible to repeat the sales success of the previous version – the coronavirus pandemic prevented it. You can only buy the console in online stores, and lockdowns introduced around the world made delivery difficult. In addition, the first users complained about some problems that arise when connecting external drives to the set-top box. In any case, the gadget allows you to get more vivid sensations from modern video games. All this only fuels the interest of gamers in the news about the next brainchild of the company – the PlayStation 6.

The fact that Sony will definitely develop the latest generation of consoles back in the 19th year was announced by Jim Ryan, head of the gaming direction of the Japanese corporation. In his opinion, it is too early to say what the electronic device will be like. It all depends on the future development of technology, new trends, requests and user requirements for video games. In the spring of 2021, information appeared that work on the creation of the console was already underway. According to the company’s plans, mass production of the electronic device model will be launched in 2026. Development is not too active, since there is quite a lot of time before the announced release of the new product.

At this stage, only a preliminary prototype of the PS6 game console has been created. Developers will try to fix all the shortcomings of previous versions. Engineers have enough time to evaluate and take into account all the nuances and technical capabilities of modern technologies. The prefix should become even faster, more user-friendly. Developers are also faced with the task of predicting future changes in the electronics market, the interests of users. There are still a few years ahead, during which time components with greater performance, new models of external drives, and electronic devices may appear. It is necessary to take care of their compatibility with the game console in advance.

It is expected that the main bet in the development of the PlayStation 6 will be made on the complete immersion of the gamer in the video game process. For this, support for a virtual reality helmet is provided, which allows you to take the user experience to a whole new level. The three-dimensional picture will become even brighter and more saturated, almost indistinguishable in its detail from the real world.

The corporation plans to create a set-top box with a performance level of at least 35 teraflops by 2026. This is about 4 times the power of the previous model of the PlayStation family. Sony developers will try to implement all the technological innovations in the console to satisfy the needs of the most demanding gamers. While, of course, it is too early to predict the cost of a new gaming device. However, according to preliminary data, the price of the gadget will be about $600.