Russia has compiled a list of companies for nationalization. Among them are McDonald’s, IKEA and Apple

Russia has compiled a list of foreign companies that can be nationalized. At the moment, the list includes 59 foreign companies, said the head of the organization “Public Consumer Initiative” Oleg Pavlov.

“A list of foreign companies has been sent to the government and the Prosecutor General’s Office that can be nationalized due to the termination of their work in Russia <…> There are 59 companies on the list so far, but it will expand depending on new statements by foreign business. Among those who have already appeared in the document: Volkswagen, Apple, IKEA, Microsoft, IBM, Shell, McDonald’s, Porsche, Toyota, H&M and others,” Pavlov told Izvestia.

After the special operation of Russian troops in Ukraine that began on February 24, many countries impose economic sanctions against Russia. The decision to suspend work in the Russian Federation was announced by Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger and Zara. A similar statement was made by the Swedish company IKEA. Procter & Gamble and Unilever also joined the sanctions. Amazon has suspended shipments of goods to Russia.