The European Union will refuse to buy oil, gas and coal from Russia

The European Union will gradually stop buying oil, gas and coal from Russia. It is reported by TASS with reference to Reuters.

“Faced with increasing instability, strategic competition and security threats, we have decided to take more responsibility for our security and take further decisive steps to strengthen our European sovereignty, reduce our dependency and develop a new growth and investment model for 2030,” it says. in the declaration.

Earlier it was reported that the leaders of the EU countries during the summit in Versailles will support Ukraine’s accession to the EU, while the adoption of the accelerated procedure is unlikely.

At the same time, Ukraine, most likely, will not be offered the status of a candidate for joining the European Union.

Before that, it was reported that the European Union began the procedure for considering applications from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova for membership in the community.

According to the source, the European Commission will prepare an official conclusion, after which 27 EU members will report their decision on the three countries. In the case of a positive answer, long and difficult negotiations are expected.