Which zodiac signs will be lucky in March 2022: astrologer’s forecast

Those born under these three constellations will have a happy month.

Every month certain signs of the zodiac get special luck. In March 2022, fortune smiles on Leo, Pisces and Aquarius.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You are one of those who will be lucky this month, despite the events taking place in the world. The winter months have become a period of difficult internal struggle for you, but the March sun will warm your soul and energize you. Already in the first half of the month, you will find a sense of satisfaction in the path that you have chosen – provided that you do not sit idly by. Inspiration will overwhelm you, you will feel as if you are connecting to a magical source that only you have access to. The stars advise not to miss this gift and follow a powerful energy flow that will lead in the right direction. Cosmos will fill you with confidence and determination.

Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back on your path. At work, everything is going well, moreover, you will be asked to take a position for which you are professionally mature. Do not doubt your abilities: everything that happens is in your favor and very timely. Personal life is still in the lull, but it is one of those that come before the storm – a romantic storm will overtake you by mid-April.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

In the first month of spring, you will feel the satisfaction of realizing that you are much wiser than you thought. The reason for this is your craving for thoughtfulness, which is more relevant than ever in the 2022 Pisces season. Now is the time to slow down and not make any sudden moves, partly because all is not well in the world, but also because a visionary decision will dawn on you by the end of the month. Through this enlightenment, you will be able to completely change your life or muster up the courage to make significant changes.

Be supportive of new contacts and do not neglect communication: thanks to acquaintances in March, new (and very promising) doors will open for you. The material side of your life will be overshadowed by economic disasters, but not for long: things will quickly get better, and you will be able to adapt to new realities faster than others. Interestingly, with an abundance of experiences and thoughts, the stars do not recommend sharing their opinions with just anyone. Save your thoughts for those closest to you. And be sure to give warmth and care to those you love: now your dear person needs support.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This month, you are invited to let go of the past and believe in a better future. Even if things don’t look good at the beginning of March, you will find the strength to cope with the situation and restore hope. The stars are favorable to you – do not miss the chance for luck. You have invested so much time and energy in other people’s affairs and therefore deserve some time for yourself. Be determined to take care of what you need. As the month picks up pace, you will feel the pain, tension, and regrets from the past let go.

You have already been through a lot, and natural resilience gives you the confidence that you can do more. Another important installation inspired by the Universe: accept the love and care of people who are not indifferent to you. For single Aquarians, this means meeting a stranger who will not immediately acquire a romantic vibe. Do not be afraid to miss an important meeting – this opportunity will not bypass you. Financially, you will be able to get rid of obstacles and achieve impressive improvement by the end of spring. Now everything is stable, there is nothing to worry about, despite the market cataclysms. This is the pattern of this month: while personal life is on the rise, budget matters are on hold.