Why you can not sleep during the day and evening on March 10?

In the folk calendar, the date March 10 was named Taras Kumashnik, Tarasius the Sleepless. The Orthodox Church on this day honors the memory of St. Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople.

From the life of Saint Tarasius it became known that he slept little, for which he was given the nickname Sleepless. On the day of veneration of the saint, there is a ban on daytime and evening sleep. A person who violates the ban will be attacked by kumokha (fever).

If you managed to find a snake skin on this day, then you should definitely save it. It helps to get rid of all ailments and protects the whole family from the negative influence. At the first symptoms of the disease, it is enough to simply rub the skin in your hands. You need to store it carefully, because if you lose or spoil the skin of a snake, you can invite serious illnesses.

  • signs of the weather
  • Thunder on this day portends a cold snap.
  • Good weather on Tarasia promises a pleasant summer.
  • Crows bathe – to heat.
  • Snow and rain – to high water.